Membrane vacuum press

Membrane vacuum press

Vacuum press 300/130/HH AR model from 2011 with the mode of operation with hot air provides quality coating of veneer, paper foils and PVC doors and skirting boards, kitchen doors wings and bending elements in height to 500 mm under the principle of "sandwich" method (making irregular shapes placed in an appropriate mold).The models are equipped with Becker vacuum pump with two filters and measuring 16.25 or 40 m3 / h which provide pressure than 9000 kg/m2 which can be adjusted by means of special regulator smaller values ​​depending on the needs of the manufacturing process.

Tulse model have CE Certificate.


Value Unite Membrane Value Unite

Working surface

  2850х1150   mm Elasticity max to 700       %

Vacuum pump

  16,25,40   m3/h Working temp. 110 and 230      C


  3054x1400x1520     mm Dimensions 3100x1320x2.5     mm


   275+60    kg. Packing  150x1350     mm


   4,55/4,75/5,25 Weight     /      kg
Voltage    400   V ---     /  /

Working temper.

  max to 70 ---     /  /
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