LVO 150 T

Unilateral edge sanding machine with mechanical oscillation of the band. Seems the oscillation is adjusted from 0 to 15 mm.The whole part of the track for edge sanding can tilt from vertical to 45 °.The machine is equipped with a special set of additional parts to quickly transform from a standard machine for fine edge sanding the surfaces of wood in precision machine for fine edge sandings the edges. The machine only requires two clutches for each suction diameter of 100 mm which ensure efficient removal of dust from the working surface.

Set of abrasive Mixed compactors diameter 25-30-35-40-45-50 mm. The machine is supplied with a tape edge sanding, one set of abrasive Mixed compactors and manual handling.

he machine is made on the CE norms.

Technical features

  • Engine ..... 2.25kW
  • Engine for oscillation ..... 0,11 kW
  • Speed ​​of abrasive track.....14m/sek
  • Dimensions of the track ..... 150x2640mm
  • Dimensions of the work table ..... 950x450mm
  • Overall dimensions ..... 1700x1000x1150mm
  • Net weight 300kg .....
  • Option abrasive tape width 200mm.....
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